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Electric Rivet Gun

Electric Rivet Gun

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Product Description:

  • This rivet gun adapter is forged from an aluminum alloy and has a super high working strength.  The forged alloy steel pistol head has high hardness and durability, saving time and effort.  Less noise, more efficient, small size and easy to carry.

  • No slipping back of nails, high speed and high efficiency, three-claw nail anastomosis design for 360 ° scratch nail, smooth riveting without burrs, three-part structure makes it hard to get stuck.

  • As a tool accessory, this rivet gun adapter can be combined with various types of power tools.  Applicable to all types of sheet metal, pipes.

  • The handle is made of hard plastic with an anti-slip design that is difficult to slip when the handle is vertical.  More labor-saving than manual rivet guns and more convenient than pneumatic tools.  It is a good helper for home and work.
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