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Headache Relief Cap

Headache Relief Cap

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Now you can forget about migraines!

Our migraine hat provides gentle compression with coolness to relieve migraine, tension, sinus and stress.

One-piece design provides form fitting 360 degree coverage. V-shape design fits closely to the nose. The hole at the top is great to put your long hair through.

Convenience All One piece Design:

Wearable slip on wraps means no need to fiddle with several ice packs in or out like other brand. Just keep the flexible ice pack cap in freezer for 2 hours and it is ready straight out of the fridge for cold therapy whenever a headache or migraine comes on.

Stretchable soft gel ice pack for head circumference from 17'' - 26''. Fit perfectly when you are sitting, lying or sleeping without worrying gel eye mask slip off.

Instant Cooling & Calming:

It's not just a wearable headache ice pack that provides cooling relief, it's also a great migraine mask to block the light, so soothing and help you sleep more peacefully.

Knowing that our migraine head wrap won’t slip and slide, it enables you to sit or lie with hand’s free, a perfect way to help you ease down before bed.

Versatile Use:

The gel ice headache hat can be worn around your head like a hat and is wearable in many other ways. Pull down over your eyes to block out light as a cooling eye/face cover or wrap around your neck or shoulders. Use on other body aches or lay it on a pillow to use while laying down.

Easy to Use and Safe: 

The gel pack can be easily wrapped around your head to fit all different head shapes. Target directly on areas like the temples, forehead, sides, and eyes.

And you can use it as a face cover or migraine cap for pain relief. The hole on the top is friendly to ponytails.

Take care of your health with our innovative Cap!
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