Proper Use of Hand Tools

Proper Use of Hand Tools


The hammer handles must fit the hammer head in order to use a hammer. The handle should also be wedged tightly into the head and free of cracks and splinters. Also, avoid striking hardened steel surfaces with a steel hammer; instead, use a soft metal hammer or one with a plastic, wood, or rawhide head.


A screwdriver is a type of common tool used to tighten or remove screws. To begin using a screwdriver, you must first ensure that it has the correct type of head and size. When using a screwdriver, you should grip the handle with one hand and the tip of the driver with the other; then twist until the screw catches, and in the next step ensure it goes in straight.


A wrench is one of those hand tools that are commonly used, and there are many different types of wrenches for different uses and purposes. If you are using an adjustable wrench, you should put it on a nut and make sure the adjustable jaw is facing the operator; then pull the wrench toward the operator. 

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